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Church Building Heating Systems by carlo Loysch

The carlo Loysch GmbH in Austria is an expert in church building heating systems. In a church, people look for warmth and comfort – also or even especially in the cold season. The energy-efficient heating systems by carlo Loysch provide comfort in any church while protecting walls and frescoes. Hundreds of parishes and churches of all sizes put their trust into church building heating systems by carlo Loysch.

Thousands of heaters have been produced for a most varied range of churches: from the postmodern Motorway Church Dolina in Kaernten to the Mautern Parish Church in Steiermark – where carlo Loysch installed 122 radiant heaters with a total wattage of 54,000 watts – to the "painted church" Hatlerdorf in Vorarlberg. Church buildings in the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium successfully deploy church building heaters by carlo Loysch. Yet another advantage of carlo Loysch: installation is a breeze and can be performed by local contractors problem-free in shortest time.

Innovative church building heating solutions by carlo Loysch from Melk in Lower Austria

Since 1921, carlo Loysch GmbH from Melk in Lower Austria is developing and manufacturing innovative solutions meeting highest requirements. The four most important quality criteria are always of highest priority: preserving the building substance, low cost of operation, durable and safe. The products of carlo Loysch have become the de facto standard in church building heating systems.

Building substance-preserving, durable, low-cost of operation church building heating systems by carlo Loysch

Every house of God is unique, which is why we develop the best individual solution for every church building. Our service encompasses competent guidance, thorough planning and production according to the highest quality standards. We always consider all requirements and technical prerequisites as well as possible building permit requirements and of course the budget. We keep in contact with local building authorities and ensure service without long waiting periods at a favourable price. Due to our in-house production, spare parts are promptly available even for older heating systems.

We offer the following heating systems for church buildings:

All heating systems can be designed with automatic control systems. Important for our customers: Only carlo Loysch offers ÖVE-certified and -inspected solutions!

To request a quote or to have your questions answered contact us by calling +43-(0)2752-52911 or by sending an  E-Mail.

Church building heating systems by carlo Loysch - we are looking forward to being able to bring comfortable warmth to your house of God too!

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